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Martian Manhunter – Last of the Martians

As the last survivor of Mars, J’onn J’onzz uses his vast alien powers to defend the people of Earth.

After losing his wife and daughter in a terrible apocalypse on Mars, J’onn J’onzz found himself accidentally transported to Earth by eccentric scientist Dr. Saul Erdel. Stranded on an alien planet, J’onn used his shapeshifting powers and great empathy to create a new identity for himself on his new world. Now, the Martian Manhunter stands alongside heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman to protect all of humanity.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Mixed TankAgility1496305
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina14831140

Super Powers

  • Martian Vision: Special Damage, 75% chance to grant Awareness to random teammate. Legendary: Call Assist if Martian Manhunter has Awareness.
  • Nine Senses: Gain 3 Awareness, +35% Turn Meter. Legendary: Gain Debuff Immunity.
  • Shapechanging: Heavy Damage to enemy, 80% Stun if Martian Manhunter has Awareness. Legendary: Purge 5 buffs from target, purge can’t miss.
  • Martian Intellect: Passive ability – 40% chance to gain Intelligence Up at end of ally’s turn if Martian Manhunter has Awareness. Legendary: Also gain Invisibility.
  • Telepathic Link: Team Leader – 100% chance for each ally to gain Awareness at the start of battle. Legendary: Grant +1 Awareness to all allies when ally dies.

Legendary Order


Martian Manhunter is rather similar to Green Lantern – Hal Jordan, but his kit utilizes Awareness where Hal’s uses shields. With this in mind, taking Manhunter’s 1st upgrade to get an assist on his basic attack if buffed with Awareness is a great choice. His 3rd upgrade purging buffs (with the added bonus of not being able to miss) is also fantastic and puts him on an even playing field to Hal. Manhunter’s leader upgrade is good, especially if you’ll be running him as your leader, but it relies on allies dying — something you normally should try to prevent.


Martian Manhunter utilizes Awareness to get his kit going, and his ability to spread them to other teammates makes him a good partner to pair with Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice; she can copy Awareness to the entire team with her basic attack as well as offer protection with her taunting. He also works well with characters who need a round of guaranteed protection that the Awareness can buy to get themselves set up.

Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice, Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing, Penguin, Constantine

Countered By

Those who can strip Martian Manhunter’s Awareness quickly can stop him before he protects his team. Utilizing heavy hitting Mystic characters and those who hit multiple times can strip Awareness quickly, especially characters with AoE attacks to remove them from the entire team he protects.

Red Hood, Katana, Catwoman, Power Girl, Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice


Martian Manhunter is a reflavored version of Green Lantern – Hal Jordan, substituting shields for Awareness. These Awareness buffs can absorb extremely high amounts of damage — ones that shields would otherwise fall to, which could make Martian Manhunter a character to pick over Hal. With that said, Hal Jordan is a much easier character to obtain and rank up, and typically serves as a better investment.

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