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Poison Ivy – Mistress of Plants

Dr. Pamela Isley was brilliant but academic until a deadly experiment twisted her mind and granted the power to control plants.

As a botanical biochemist, Pamela was subjected to dangerous plant toxins without her knowledge. Surviving the experiments, her mind became warped, and she gained control over plants and their toxins. With control over pheromones, her touch is both deadly and seductive. She now uses her plants to wage a radical eco-war to protect the environment from the blight of humanity. She considers herself the defender of the nature at any cost.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical SupportAgility1291710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1373925

Super Powers

  • Snap Trap: Damage and apply 2 Speed Down to an enemy. Legendary: Gain 3 Speed Up.
  • Pheromone Kiss: Apply 4 Taunt and 5 Stamina Up to a teammate. Legendary: Apply Critical Immunity. 40% Chance to Call Assist.
  • Toxin Transfer: Heavy Overheal on a target ally, move up to 3 debuffs from the target onto a random enemy. Legendary: Up to 3 additional debuffs are moved from an ally onto another random enemy. If no debuffs on target, apply 2 Stamina Up.
  • Cross-Pollinate: Apply 5 Stamina Up to ally and 4 to random ally, copy up to 3 random Buffs from an ally to the rest of the team. Legendary: Copy up to 3 random buffs twice.
  • Anaphylactic Touch: Apply 2 Strength Down to enemies that damage Poison Ivy. Legendary: Also apply 4 Bleed.

Legendary Order


Ivy’s most important upgrades are her ability to copy buffs, so taking her 4th upgrade to copy them twice is a no brainer. Applying Critical Immunity and calling an assist from her targeted taunt also works well to protect those she’s calling attention to. After that, tailor her legendary upgrades to your play style, whether it be Speed Ups, Bleeds, or Stamina Ups.


With the right upgrades, Ivy can play nicely with some surprising characters, like Kid Flash — who can help grant her some much needed meter and speed. Her passive can work nicely with Bleed and Debuff teams as well. She also pairs nicely with characters who have valuable buffs, like Awareness and Damage Immunity that she can spread to the whole team.

Medphyll, Kid Flash, Batman – World’s Greatest Detective, Larfleeze, Constantine

Countered By

Those who destroy buff teams will eat Poison Ivy and her team alive — including Wonder Girl, despite her affinity disadvantage.

Wonder Girl, Jessica Cruz, Power Girl


Poison Ivy is a very strong character in PvE events where she can be paired with more interesting allies and have time to set up and copy multiple times. In the fast paced PvP she struggles to keep the match at a pace that is to her liking, but with the right allies for her to copy their buffs, she can more than hold her own.

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