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Cyborg – Vic Stone

Victor Stone was saved from the brink of death by his scientist father. Now, Cyborg is the half-human, half-machine fusion of two worlds.

Football star Vic Stone’s athletic accomplishments were ignored by his scientist father until an experiment with alien technology went horribly wrong, leaving Vic’s body shattered. In a desperate attempt to save his son’s life, the elder Stone fused Vic’s body with exotic technologies from S.T.A.R. Labs top secret Red Room. By coming to terms with being half-machine, Stone became a true hero and more human than ever.


Cyborg is a Physical Striker Energy character with a base speed of 76. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Triangulating Blast: Damage to an enemy, Gain 3 Strength Ups. Next attack can’t miss. Legendary: Gain 5 Crit Ups.
  • Charged Cannon: Heavy damage to an enemy. 30% chance to hit. Legendary: +100% Crit Damage.
  • Overclock: Gain 4 Speed Ups, 50% chance to gain 3 Strength Ups. Legendary: Gain 50% Turn Meter.
  • Team Sport: Passive ability – 26% chance to gain 1 Strength Up if Cyborg is buffed. Legendary: Strength Up +1
  • Optimized Systems: Team Leader – All allies have a 30% chance to gain 12% turn meter if buffed. Legendary: Chance to gain turn meter +20%.

Legendary Order


Cyborg’s first two legendary upgrades play nicely with each other; he gains crit chance ups on his basic, and his 2nd move gains +100% crit damage, essentially letting him nuke an enemy.


Cyborg is a powerful glass cannon, which means he needs allies to protect him. Ones who can also buff him, like Clayface can work well to feed Cyborg’s passive and get his strength up. Characters like Star Sapphire can help keep Cyborg alive while also buffing him with mends.

Clayface, Star Sapphire, Harley Quinn – Quite Vexing

Countered By

Debuffing and heavy hitting Mystical characters can destroy Cyborg. This is especially true of Wonder Girl who will attack Cyborg even if he’s protected by a taunter with her lasso move, while stripping him of his buffs, too.

Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman – PoT, Wonder Woman – DoJ


Cyborg is a very powerful character — his buffs can lead to insane amounts of burst damage. With that said, other characters perform similarly well or even better and are less of a liability against top tier characters.

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