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Clayface – Basil Karlo

After playing monsters on the Silver Screen, Basil Karlo now haunts Gotham City as an unnatural shapeshifter.

After a long career in B-Grade horror flicks, Basil Karlo was snubbed for the remake of his most famous film and descended into the criminal underworld. He acquired potent shape-shifting abilities in an accident, becoming the unstable monster Clayface. He played muscle-for-hire for different Gotham city gangs, but now Clayface struggles to find a good man buried inside of the mysterious villain.


Clayface stats at Level 80, Legendary 5, Gear Rank 11

AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical TankAgility1563305
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina14231195

Super Powers

  • Slinging Mud: Apply Damage and Speed Down to target. Legendary: Steal 1 buff from target.
  • Roar of the Monster: Gain Taunt and apply Invisibility to other teammates. Apply10 Agility Up to all allies. Legendary: Use at start of combat (sets cooldown to 3) and use at start of any turn if Clayface has Invisibility but no taunt.
  • Mudslide: Apply Damage and 2 Speed Downs to all enemies. Legendary: If Clayface is Taunting, gain an Overheal.
  • Stick In The Mud: When attacked, 55% chance to Silence attacker if Clayface is Taunting. Legendary: Also steal 1 Positive Immunity from attacker.
  • Re-Formed Criminal: Passive ability – Immune to Critical Hits. When Clayface reaches 0 HP, 30% chance to gain a Heal. +30% chance per Invisible character on either side. Legendary: Purge all Bleeds and Negative Immunities on Clayface at start of his turn.

Legendary Order


Clayface can benefit his team by absorbing the enemy’s first round of attacks with his 2nd upgrade, and his 1st upgrade allowing him to steal their buffs makes him even more potent. His 5th upgrade allowing him to purge bleeds and negative immunities can give him some more survivability as well. It’s worth noting — Clayface will still take bleed damage and be blocked from healing if the immunities are on him at the start of his turn, but he will purge them and be clear for afterward.


Clayface works well with allies who like to hide in the shadows, such as Red Robin and Nightwing who can get extra attacks in thanks to invisibility.

Red Robin, Nightwing, Constantine, Batman Beyond

Countered By

It can be quite a task to deal with Clayface without the right tools. Characters like Wonder Girl can tear through the buffs he gives his team, absolutely destroying everyone in the process. Heal immunity can block his cheating death, and True Sight can bypass his taunting.

Wonder Girl, Etrigan, Swamp Thing, Red Robin


Clayface finds himself hard countered by Wonder Girl, making his reign as a top taunter less oppressive. Clayface can still be quite a challenge to take down, unless you bring the right tools to the battle. If using him on your team, make sure to avoid his counters, and be sure to bring those counters should you face him!

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