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Gorilla Grodd – Psychic Mastermind

Ruthless and smart, Gorilla Grodd will stop at nothing to reach his goal: Conquer the human world with his gorilla army.

Hidden deep in the African jungle lies Gorilla City, home to a clan of super-intelligent gorillas. Among the gorillas, Grodd stands out with his ruthless ambition and psychic ability to control minds. Murdering his father to take the mantle of King was the first step on the road of rage that would eventually lead Grodd to Central City and becoming one of the Flash’s greatest adversaries.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Special SupportAgility1321610
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1308700

Super Powers

  • Grodd’s Rage: Damage to an enemy 45% Chance to Stun the target if Grodd has 3+ Intelligence Ups. Legendary: Steal all Intelligence Ups on target
  • Psychic Leader: 4 Intelligence Ups to self, 2 Intelligence Ups to team if an enemy is Stunned. Legendary: Give 2 Speed Ups to team.
  • Gorilla Slam: Special Damage to all enemies, 60% Chance to call Grodd’s Rage. Legendary: +3 Agility Ups to the Team.
  • Thirst for Blood(Passive): 100% Chance to Gain 3 Intelligence Ups on Grodd and 2 Intelligence Ups on a random ally when any hero dies. Legendary: Apply 2 Speed Ups to self and random ally.
  • Speedforce Memory(Team Leader): 70% chance that all allies get 3 Speed Ups when an enemy gets Stunned. Legendary: Call Assist.

Legendary Order


Gorilla Grodd works best as Team Leader, providing speed and intelligence buffs to his allies, and even better calling in an ally to assist another ally that has been stunned after giving the entire team 3 Speed Ups. Again, when an ally dies even if it wasn’t planned, it’s best to capitalize on it and gain those self and ally buffs. Stealing intelligence ups on a target is also wonderful, considering the influx of Starfire, Larfleeze and other heroes who tend to stack those buffs. It’s clear the least useful upgrade is applying agility to the team.


Grodd synergizes well with toons who rely on special damage, and even with toons who aren’t very fast. With Grodd’s buffs, they’ll be hitting far harder and much more frequently than you’re used to seeing with those toons. Capitalize on Grodd’s Leader ability by adding stun heroes to your lineup! Check below for a list of recommended allies!

Starfire, Silver Banshee, Killer Frost, Hawkgirl, Vixen, Aquaman King of Atlantis, Bane, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter

Countered By

Heavy hitting mystics spell big trouble for Grodd, so be on the look out for pretty much all of the Wonder Women (and Girl!). Heroes like Larfleeze that steal buffs and purge all buffs can also almost negate Grodd’s usefulness, and heroes who apply Stun Immunity to their teammates can shut down his team leader bonus completely.

Wonder Woman Defense of Justice, Woman Woman Champion of the Amazons, Wonder Girl, Silver Banshee, Green Lantern


Though Grodd was incredibly hyped up, he proved to be underwhelming in his performance shortly after his release.

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