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Giganta – Colossal Criminal

After an untested procedure gave her the ability to grow in size, Doris Zuel devoted herself to a criminal life as Giganta.

Dying from a terminal illness, Dr. Doris Zuel tried an experimental procedure on herself. While saving herself, she quickly discovered she could now grow to be hundreds of feet tall in a matter of seconds, becoming stronger and tougher as she grew, but also losing her intellect. Embracing her powers and calling herself Giganta, she started a criminal career that would bring her face to face with Wonder Woman and other heroes.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical StrikerAgility1144710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina2034675

Super Powers

  • Giga-Stomp: Damage to an enemy. Apply 10% True Damage if Giganta has +5 Stamina Ups. Legendary: 50% chance to use Growth Spurt if Giganta’s HP is below 30%.
  • Growth Spurt: Gain 5 Agility Ups, 5 Stamina Ups and 5 Affinity Resistance Ups. Legendary: If Giganta is Taunting, increase duration of buffs given by 1 Turn.
  • Can You Hear THIS?: Heavy damage to an enemy. Apply 3% True Damage per Stamina Up on Giganta. Legendary: Gain 4 Taunts.
  • Look At Me!: 50% chance to gain 3 Stamina Ups and 1 Taunt at the beginning of every enemy’s turn if a teammate’s HP is below 40%. Legendary: Also apply 3 Agility Ups to teammates with HP below 40%.
  • I’m The Toughest!: Gain 2 Agility Ups every time anyone gains a Strength Up. Legendary: Use Growth Spurt at the start of battle (sets cooldown to 2.)

Legendary Order


Giganta brings more utility to the table with her 3rd legendary upgrade allowing her to initiate a taunt early in the game. The 5th upgrade helps make her 3rd move hit hard. Having both of these upgrades allows Giganta to bring some early protection and heavy damage on her first turn. Her 1st and 2nd upgrades have their uses to prolong her life in different ways, so consider where she’ll be slotted in your team when deciding which of these would be a better first upgrade. Giganta’s 4th upgrade offers nominal value compared to the others and should be saved for last.


Giganta works well with those who make her stronger and feed her stamina ups. Allies like Hippolyta can keep Giganta pumping out damage with permanent stamina increases. She also benefits well from Powergirl, who can tank damage on the first round with death immunity, causing Giganta’s own taunts to go off and increasing her stamina if Powergirl’s health is low enough.

Hippolyta, Atrocitus, Powergirl, Poison Ivy, Cheetah

Countered By

Heavy hitting energy characters like Starfire can make quick work of Giganta’s large health pool. Buff purgers and those who apply buff immunity, like Red Robin and Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira also make it hard for Giganta to do her job and grow to full size.

Starfire, Livewire, Jessica Cruz, Wonder Woman Princess of Themyscira, Red Robin


Giganta requires some help from her teammates and enemies alike to reach her full potential in battle. Those who counter her can quickly eliminate her ability to sustain herself, and her lack of a first round taunt makes other taunting characters more valuable on a team. Her true damage is a plus — making sure she consistently meets the gating for the true damage, though, can be easier said than done in a fast paced battle.

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