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Hippolyta – Queen of the Amazons

A living legend, Hippolyta is the immortal Queen of the Amazons as regal and noble as she is formidable and powerful.

The Queen of the legendary Amazons, Hippolyta has guided and protected her people for thousands of years from their hidden island of Themyscira. As the only Amazon blessed with a child, she sheltered her daughter until Princess Diana ventured out into the modern world as Wonder Woman. Both commanding and compassionate, Queen Hippolyta embodies all the virtues of her people: grace, beauty, and courage.


Penguin is a Physical Support Mystic character with a base speed of 72. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • To Victory!: Damage to an enemy. 30% chance to lower cooldown on all super powers by 1. Legendary: Cooldown reduction chance +30%.
  • Shields Up: Apply 4 Agility Ups and 13% shield to all allies, Cooldown +3 on Draw Swords. Legendary: Purge 2 Debuffs from all Allies.
  • Draw Swords: Apply 3 Strength Ups and +12% Turn Meter to all Allies, Cooldown +3 on Shields Up. Legendary: Apply Stun Immunity to all Allies.
  • Tip of the Spear: Damage to an enemy, call assist on target, apply 2 Strength Ups and 2 Agility Ups on assisting teammate. Legendary: 50% chance for additional assist.
  • Queen of War: Team Leader – 100% chance to apply 1 Stamina Up (Permanent) to an ally when they deal damage to an enemy. Legendary: 25% chance for Hippolyta to gain Death Immunity when allies deal damage.

Legendary Order


Hippolyta’s best legendary upgrades are her 4th and 5th moves. After that, consider your needs for her; if you will use Shields Up more often, consider upgrading it, or if you use Draw Swords more often, choose its upgrade. If you feel the need to rotate between the moves, the additional cooldown reduction may be preferable.


Hippolyta works magic for characters who enjoy her Stamina boost or those who can spread it to others. Giganta loves permanent stamina increases, and characters like Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice can pass these permanent stamina increases on her basic attack.

Giganta, Vixen, Wonder Woman Defender of Justice, Poison Ivy

Countered By

Hard-hitting Physical characters can pierce through Hippolyta’s Stamina Ups, leaving her vulnerable unless she has death immunity. Buff purgers  like Wonder Girl can strip Hippolyta and her allies of the stamina buffs and bring them back down to size.

Catwoman, Batman Caped Crusader, Huntress, Wonder Girl


Hippolyta’s permanent stamina increases can make for some monster PvE health pools, but she usually comes up a little short in PvP. The ease of purging buffs detracts some value from her kit in the fast paced PvP arenas.

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