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Captain Cold – Criminal Master of Chill

A criminal mastermind and icy customer, Leonard Snart counters the Flash’s super speed with the freezing Cold technology.

Growing up in an abusive home, the only warm spot in Leonard Snart’s heart was for his sister. Embarking on a criminal career, Snart ran afoul of the Flash but conceived of a plan to counter the hero’s incredible speed. Stealing specialized freezing technology, Snart has run afoul of the Flash on numerous occasions. Though a hardened criminal, Snart leads the Rogues and enforces a strict code that forbids unnecessary violence and killing.


Penguin is a Special Striker Energy character with a base speed of 80. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Cold Shot: Light Special Damage to an enemy, -35% enemy turn meter. Legendary: 15% chance to stun the target per Speed Down on the target.
  • Slip N Slide: Apply 2 Speed Downs and -78% Turn Meter to an Enemy. Legendary: Remove 1 Buff from the Target per Speed Down on the Target
  • Winter is Here: Light Special Damage to all enemies, purge 3 Buff from each Enemy. Legendary: Cooldown -1
  • Sweeping Blasts: Passive ability – 100% chance to apply 1 Speed Down to random enemy at the end of Captain Cold’s turn. Legendary: Equal chance to apply intelligence down.
  • Loyalty Among Rogues: Team Leader – 51% chance to use Cold Shot on any enemy that damages Captain Cold or an ally. Legendary: Equal chance that a teammate uses their basic on any enemy that damages Captain Cold.

Legendary Order


You’ll want to use Captain Cold as your Team Leader for best effect, making his 5th upgrade a no-brainer. Giving him the chance to stun enemies opens his kit up, allowing him to work with more characters. Debuffing enemies makes his 2nd upgrade one that brings wonderful utility; likewise, his 4th can make a Special Damage focused team hit incredibly hard.


Captain Cold loves to manipulate turn meter, and pairing him with likeminded teammates can bring about some pretty nasty battles where the enemy is too cold to even move! Villains like Killer Frost and Reverse Flash can make the most of Captain Cold’s kit.

Killer Frost, Mirror Master, Reverse Flash, Kid Flash, Black Canary

Countered By

Hard hitting Mystics can keep Captain Cold out of the fight, especially ones that can stun him like Aquaman – King of Atlantis, which stops his passive abilities from going off.

Aquaman, Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice, Vixen, Wonder Woman Princess of Themyscira


Captain Cold is the perfect leader for a team composition that focuses on denying enemy turn meter and controlling the pace of battle.

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