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Firestorm – The Nuclear Man

When young Jason Rusch and Professor Martin Stein are bound together in one body by the Firestorm Matrix, the results are nuclear!

Thanks to a strange accident, young Jason Rusch and brilliant Martin Stein find themselves bound by the mysterious power of the Firestorm Matrix. Jason, a teenager struggling to work his way off the mean streets of Detroit now shares a body with Professor Stein, a brilliant Nobel Prize winning physicist. Together the mismatched pair share their experience and knowledge in a single body that wields the awesome nuclear powers of Firestorm.


Firestorm is a Special Striker Energy character with a base speed of 83. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Nuclear Beam: Special Damage to an enemy, +3% Damage per Intelligence Up on Firestorm (Max 30%). Legendary: +2% Crit Chance Per Intelligence Up on Firestorm (Max 20%).
  • Ask Professor Stein: Gain 1 Intelligence Up, 40% chance for 10% Shield on self, Gain +1 Intelligence Up if Firestorm is shielded. Legendary: 50% chance to gain 2 extra Intelligence Ups.
  • Transmute Barrier: Purge 10 Buffs from Firestorm and Apply16% shield to all allies, +2% per buff purged. Legendary: Apply a heavy heal to Firestorm.
  • Fusion Reaction: Purge 10 buffs from Firestorm and deal Special Damage to all enemies, +10% Special Damage per buff purged. Legendary: Cooldown -1 and Gain 3 Intelligence Ups after buffs purged.
  • Shared Knowledge: Passive ability – 55% chance to gain 1 Intelligence Up if Firestorm is buffed. Legendary: Equal chance to gain 1 Crit Chance Up.

Legendary Order


Firestorm needs Intelligence Ups to perform at his best, and his 4th upgrade helps him stay as buffed as possible. Other upgrades give him increased critical chance and further intelligence ups, helping him hit even harder.


Firestorm needs Intelligence Ups, buffs and shields to be effective, making him natural allies with characters like Dr. Fate. 

Dr Fate, Star Sapphire, Batman – WGD, Harley Quinn – Mad Jester

Countered By

Countering Firestorm involves killing him before he sets up to bomb you. Bringing a hard-hitting Mystical character to the fight can do just that. Characters like Wonder Girl can strip him of his necessary buffs and damage him in the process.

Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman – DoJ, Constantine, Etrigan


Firestorm was once a highly sought after character, but later additions have made him less desirable. For those looking for a character with a similar playstyle, Starfire does much of what Firestorm does — but better and without needing as much help from her teammates.

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