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Joker – The Clown Prince of Crime

Gotham City’s Clown Prince of Crime rejoices in chaos and tormenting his favorite foe, Batman, who never seems to get the joke!

Nothing is assured when it comes to the capricious Joker. Murderous maniac one moment, clownish trickster the next, his origins are as convoluted as his lethal criminal schemes. Was he the Red Hood — a criminal dosed by toxic chemicals that gave him white skin? Or was he an innocent man duped and unhinged by tragedy? Or something else entirely? Don’t try understanding the Joker’s twisted mind – he’ll make you the punchline!


Joker – Damaged Goods is a Special Support Physical character with a base speed of 68. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Biff!: Damage to an enemy, apply 1 Intelligence down for each Enrage on any hero (Maximum 5). Legendary: +100% Critical Chance if Enemy is Enraged.
  • Joker Toxin: Light special damage to all enemies, 100% chance to Apply Enrage to one enemy. Legendary: Gain 40% turn meter.
  • Acid Humor: Heavy Special Damage to an enemy. +100% Critical Chance if an enemy is dead, +150% Critical Damage to an enraged target. Legendary: Apply Heal Immunity.
  • The Killing Joke: Passive ability – Gain a medium overheal if an enemy dies. Legendary: On dying, place 2 Bleeds on all enemies. Attacker takes 20% True Damage.
  • Pushing The Right Buttons: Passive ability – 30% chance to Enrage one targeted enemy when Joker attacks. Legendary: Use Biff! on Enraged enemies that damage Joker.

Legendary Order


Joker can be strong against teams that rely on Enrage. His 4th and 5th upgrades work conversely; if you can only take one, decide whether you want to play more offensively (if so, take the 5th) or defensively, where the 4th will allow you one last hurrah on death.


Joker can shut down Enrage teams as well as work nicely with them. Pairing him with Atrocitus or against an Atrocitus team can work well to get the most out of his kit.

Atrocitus, Cheetah, Ares

Countered By

As a support character, Joker should be relatively easy to kill with any Energy character.  Those who hit hard and fast like Power Girl can make quick work of Joker.

Power Girl, Superman, Jessica Cruz, Larfleeze


Joker – Clown Prince of Crime is a relatively niche character that relies both on having good allies backing him up as well as a specific set of enemies. His usefulness may be limited, but that doesn’t make him any less of a fun and wild character to have on your team.

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Joker – Damaged Goods

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