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Joker – Damaged Goods

Gotham City’s Clown Prince of Crime rejoices in chaos and tormenting his favorite foe, Batman, who never seems to get the joke!

Nothing is assured when it comes to the capricious Joker. Murderous maniac one moment, clownish trickster the next, his origins are as convoluted as his lethal criminal schemes. Was he the Red Hood — a criminal dosed by toxic chemicals that gave him white skin? Or was he an innocent man duped and unhinged by tragedy? Or something else entirely? Don’t try understanding the Joker’s twisted mind – he’ll make you the punchline!


Joker – Damaged Goods is a Mixed Support Physical character with a base speed of 64. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • HAhaHAHAhaha!! – Damage to an enemy, 50% chance to deal additional light damage to random enemies. Legendary: Apply 3 bleeds to enemies hit by the additional damage.
  • I’m Not Gonna Kill Ya: Special damage to an enemy, 100% chance to stun. Legendary: Massive damage to targets below 10% health.
  • Roulette: Highly variable damage to an enemy. Legendary: Cooldown reset if Critical Hit or if Target is killed.
  • Gangsta: Passive ability – Apply 3 Affinity Resistance Downs and 25% Turn Meter Down to a random enemy at the beginning of Joker’s turn. Legendary: Purge 3 buffs from the target.
  • Infectious Insanity: Team Leader – All allies have a 36% chance to gain 1 Crit Chance Up and/or 1 Affinity Power Up if they deal a Critical Hit. Legendary: +1 Additional Crit Chance Up and/or Affinity Power Up

Legendary Order


It’s unlikely Joker will be your Team Leader; other characters bring more beneficial powers to the table as leader. Adding bleeds and purges to his kit helps round him out and bring more use to him.


Joker is all about random, high burst damage and critical attacks — making him pair nicely with his love, Harley Quinn – Quite Vexing. His bleeds also make him a nice contender for a bleed team.

Harley Quinn – Quite Vexing, Dr Poison, Cheetah, Chemo

Countered By

Because of the highly variable nature of Joker’s kit and his Support gear set, he can be pretty easily countered by Energy characters. Ones like Supergirl can cushion any critical blows he and his allies may land, while Jessica Cruz can deal some nice damage while also shielding allies from attacks.

Jessica Cruz, Supergirl, Batman Beyond, Green Lantern Hal Jordan


Joker – Damaged Goods is a rare character to obtain, but that doesn’t mean he’s anything special. His highly random kit paired with his relative rarity has made him unused for the most part.

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