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Black Adam – Khem-Adam

Born in ancient Egypt, Teth-Adam was granted and then corrupted by the power of the gods.

Born a prince in the shadow of ancient Egypt, Teth-Adam was granted the powers of six gods to defend his people. As Mighty Adam, he used his powers for good but became corrupted by power. When the mad priest Ahk-ton killed his family, Black Adam murdered him in retribution. As punishment, he was imprisoned inside a mystical scarab until freed in modern times. As a king, Black Adam is both uncompromising and super-humanly powerful.


Black Adam is a Mixed Support Mystical character with a base speed of 78. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Lightning Strike: Damage to an enemy, 40% chance to gain 50% turn meter. Legendary: +20% chance to gain turn meter.
  • Shazam!: Damage to all enemies, +20% damage per dead enemy. Legendary: Also use Lightning Strike against random target if any enemy is below 50% health.
  • Khandaq Storm: Heavy Special Damage and purge 5 buffs from an enemy. Cooldown +1 on Shazam! Legendary: When Black Adam kills an enemy, resets cooldown of Shazam! Legendary 2: +50% damage against targets below 50% health.
  • Fist of the Tyrant: Passive ability – Gain 46% turn meter when an enemy is killed. Legendary: 80% chance to gain Damage Immunity when Black Adam kills an enemy.

Legendary Order


As a support character, Black Adam’s damage won’t be too insane, so while his Damage Immunity upgrade is nice, it may be unlikely that he will be dealing final blows without some other legendary upgrades first. This legendary order helps accelerate his cooldowns and turn meter, giving him more opportunities to attack enemies and finish them off.


Black Adam can work well with powerful and fast characters who can whittle the enemy down just enough for him to finish them off. Consider fast and hard hitting characters like Reverse Flash or Robin to help enable Black Adam.

Reverse Flash, Robin, Power Girl, Wonder Woman – Champion of the Amazons

Countered By

Black Adam is countered by fast and lethal Physical characters like Robin and Harley Quinn – Mad Jester.

Robin, Harley Quinn – Mad Jester, Penguin, Deadshot – Hired Gun


Black Adam relies heavily on his teammates and doesn’t really boost them in return. He is good at cleaning up low health enemies, but there are other characters capable of doing his job while also benefiting their teammates more in the process.

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