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Shazam – Billy Batson

Speaking the word ‘Shazam!’ transforms orphan boy Billy Batson into an adult Earth’s mightiest mortal champion of magic.

After the death of his parents, young Billy Batson was a troubled orphan until meeting an ancient wizard. Seeing the potential in Billy, the wizard granted him the powers of six gods when he speaks the magic word that transforms him into an adult and the champion of magic. On the outside, Billy is Earth’s mightiest mortal, but on the inside he is still a boy struggling to be worthy of the living lightning of Shazam!


Shazam is a Mixed Tank Mystical character with a base speed of 74. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Strength of Hercules: Damage to an enemy, +90% damage if Shazam is taunting. Legendary: 30% chance to stun target if Shazam is overhealed.
  • Fortitude of Atlas: Gain taunt, 10 Stamina Ups and an overheal. Legendary: 50% chance to gain Damage Immunity. Legendary 2: 25% chance to use Strength of Hercules against attacker if allies take damage.
    • Note: Shazam’s 2nd legendary upgrade does not require him to be taunting for him to counterattack. If he has the upgrade, it works as a sort of passive.
  • Power of Zeus: Heavy Special Damage to an enemy, apply 9 Critical Chance Downs if Shazam is taunting. Legendary: -50% turn meter to enemy.
  • Speed of Mercury: Passive ability: 45% chance to gain 40% turn meter if another ally takes damage. Legendary: Equal chance to also apply cooldown -1 for Power of Zeus.

Legendary Order


Shazam’s ability to gain Damage Immunity and counterattack really help him and his team, making both great upgrades. His ability to cut an enemy’s turn meter in half is also superb.


Shazam works particularly well with Superman, with both taunting tanks able to trade off and take few, if any, hits thanks to their Damage Immunity. He also works well with Catwoman, who can hide behind his taunts and gain further invisibility and powers as a result.

Superman, Catwoman, Wonder Girl

Countered By

Heal Immunity makes it hard for Shazam to heal up his massive health pool, and buff immunity can also negate his ability to taunt and gain damage immunity. Characters like Catwoman who can purge and stun him help keep him in check.

Catwoman, Wonder Girl, Batman Caped Crusader


Shazam is a great taunting tank, but he truly comes into his stride at Gear 11. Before that gear rank, it can be hard for him to pull his weight on the team.

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